The first day of high school you become a prospective student-athlete.  You may not be thinking about college at this point but you should begin to learn more about the recruiting process.  Many athletes make the mistake of thinking they do not need to do anything until they are upper classmen or at least stronger and more desireable to college coaches.  This is a clear sign of not knowing how the process works and how to get coaches to know who you are before you become the athlete you are going to be.  The basic principle of recruiting will hold true.  College coaches are looking for athletes that have college level skills, meet academic requirements and can improve their respective programs.  If you wait, it may be too late by the time you think you are ready.  Call and talk to an Inside Recruit representative today to learn how to get started!

Starting the Recruiting Process

Below is a general guideline to getting the recruiting process started.


Get evaluated by a third party and develop a recruiting roadmap

Most student-athletes wait too long before starting the process and then have too high of expectations.  Find a source like Inside Recruit and get started early.  An evaluation done by a third party gives you unbiased feedback on your ability and at what level you should be focusing on. 


Build a recruiting profile and begin marketing yourself

A recruiting profile is the easiest way to make your academic and athletic information available to any college coach in the country. Be sure to put accurate information and update it regularly in order to keep the coaches informed on your progress.


Make a skills video showing your talents

Your skills video is one of the most important pieces of your marketing process.  College coaches cannot possibly see all of the potential recruits that are available.  Time, staff, and budgets limit them to choosing which games, events, and showcases they will attend each year.  The most simple and cost effective way to get exposure to these coaches is through email/video marketing. 


Create a list of 50+ schools and an introductory email

You need to cast a wide net and take the time to send each of them a personal email along with your video and recruiting profile.  College coaches have numerous regulations set by the NCAA that they must follow throughout the recruiting process.   They are allowed to receive emails from prospective student-athletes at any time.  Therefore, if you are not taking advantage of the internet and allowing coaches to view your profile/video from anywhere in the country, then you are missing out on the easiest way to get exposure to all of the schools.


Get exposure to college coaches

The days of playing for your school team and being found are over.  Coaches are able to see players at all sorts of venues.  Do some research and find out where your top school choices will be and then go to those events.  Be careful of over spending too early or attending events that are not going to be favorable to you.  An Inside Recruit Advisor can help you with this. 


Begin communicating with coaches and following up on any leads

Okay, now the simple reality of how this works.  You send your Profile to a coach.  The coach reviews   your resume and watches your video.  This starts a line of communication between the two of you.  Somewhere along the way, the coach gets to see you perform in person and can decide if you are a recruitable student-athlete for their institution.

Want more help?

Consider getting a professional evaluation done to help you determine where your skill set projects at the college level.  Call Inside Recruit today at  (919) 964-1020.