Inside Recruit was started in 2010 to help student-athletes and their families navigate the college recruiting process. Getting into college is no easy task itself but adding the pressure of finding the right athletic, social and academic fit is tough. Our mission is to help student-athletes maximize their opportunities to find the best fit for them to get their degree and participate in college athletics. We give you the support and knowledge you will need to make good choices and relieve the stress of the unknown factors that most families do not understand.

Consider this fact on college athletics: Out of 100 high school freshman, 68 will graduate. 40 will enter college and only 18 will graduate from college. However, 80% of college athletes graduated in 2011. Playing college athletics drastically improves your chances of getting a college degree.

What do we do?

Educate. Simplify. Results.

Inside Recruit gives athletes and parents the resources needed to simplify the recruiting process. Our website allows athletes to easily send their profile and skills video to college coaches. Each athlete receives tips, advice, recruiting guidelines, etc sent to their personal dashboard. If you would like, you can work with a recruiting coach to build a recruiting roadmap so you gain exposure to your Target Schools List at the correct time! Learning how to network and promote yourself effectively is key. Inside Recruit shows you how to get results from all your recruiting efforts. Continue to read through our website and begin educating yourself on NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA requirements, recruiting regulations, financial aid and what it takes to play in college.

The Bigger Picture

Inside Recruit was started to help student-athletes and their families navigate the recruiting process. Passing on our knowledge, our network, and our passion for helping players succeed and grow as individuals is our top priority. Student-athletes will learn valuable skills as they take ownership of the recruiting process. Learning how to network, build relationships, promote yourself effectively and gain the experience of searching for a school (job) are huge contributors to the success of each individual after college. There is no greater asset than the self-confidence that is built after completing this process. Being able to help prepare individuals for success after sports is our greatest reward.