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Athletes can search all colleges through a number of criteria such as location, majors, tuition, enrollment, selectivity level, etc. Additional school information such as school website links for financial aid, admissions and net price calculator are provided also.


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Our Set-Up and Closer Packages are for those athletes looking for more hands on consultation. These packages include but are not limited to:

Player Evaluation Initial Meeting: in-person or by phone to discuss:

  • Player’s strengths, weaknesses and how to improve
  • Recruiting Roadmap and Action Plan
  • Target School List, Priority Checklist and Recruiting Timeline

Ongoing consultation with email, text and phone follow-ups throughout high school

  • Continually monitor progress on and off the field
  • explain recruitment letters, unofficial and official visits
  • help families spend money wisely on exposure and promoting their athlete
  • discuss the different levels of communication and interests from colleges
  • NCAA Eligibility Center, National Letter of Intent, Recruiting Regulations
  • work on communication and networking skills
  • teach importance of attitude, personal appearance, character and social media pitfalls