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Social Media Pitfalls for Athletes

Social media plays a big role in our every day lives.  We use it to communicate, post pictures, find businesses, express our feelings and most of all….search for people and see what they are up to.  Social media is a great tool for looking up a person and getting some… read more


Sportsmanship is something that coaches instill in athletes from a very early age.  So much in fact that many programs give out a Sportsmanship Award at the end of their season.  Many contests end with the teams congratulating each other on a “good” game.  As you get older, the competition… read more

Summer Recruiting Season

As colleges finish up their respective seasons, the coaching staffs can begin to get out and recruit full force.  Coaches have a recruiting calendar and agenda same as you have a recruiting plan or road map that you are following.  They sit down and map out who is going to… read more
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