Campus Tours are Necessary! Do not commit until you Visit!

It is highly advised to go and visit as many schools as possible on your list.  You should do this whether athletics are involved or not.  Go online or call the admissions office at the school and find a schedule of upcoming campus tours.  When you go on the tour, leave time to stop by the coach’s office and introduce yourself or check out the athletic facilities.  Many times the coach’s are around and are happy to spend a few minutes talking to you about their programs and possibly give you a quick tour.  It is smart to make sure the team is in town on the day you schedule your campus tour and to email ahead and see if someone will be there.  Keep in mind, this is an unofficial visit and the coaches are very busy.  Something could change their schedule and they may not be on campus when you come in.  It is well worth the face time to try and make all of this happen.  Be sure to send a thank you email if you do spend some time with the coaches.

While on the campus tour, ask a lot of questions about campus life, living conditions, class sizes, typical schedules, etc.  Finding a student and asking them for a few minutes of time so you can hear it straight from someone who is attending the school can be invaluable.  Ask them what they love about it and what they do not like about it.  Their tips on what classes to take, where to live, where to stay away from and how to navigate the daily schedule of being a student will give you insight to what your life will be like there if you attend.

This is all extra leg work and time that will ensure you can make the most inform decision possible for your future and help keep you from any surprises once you get there.