How do I know if a College Coach is interested or not?

The recruiting process is definitely an up and down roller coaster of emotions for most players.  The rumors can spread that a school likes you and is asking about you and your hopes go up!  You could email your video and information and get an upbeat response from the coach asking for your schedule because he wants to come see you play.  A player may attend a camp where multiple coaches seem to be interested in him or grade him out well and some communication begins between them.  All of these scenarios happen daily during the recruiting process but you learning to handle the emotional roller coaster and focus of playing baseball is key to your success!

A player has to understand that college coaches see lots of players each year and many of them they like and have some sort of communication with them.  The coaches know that they have to speak to a lot of players and follow their progress in order to pick the best ones for their program.  This initial interest is great for both parties but it is still just the “get to know you” stage of the process.  Your job is to stay in touch and continue the communication in hopes the coach will see you play and make a decision about you.  The reality is however that the coach does not have to tell you where they stand in the process unless they want too.  You are free to ask them of course but until they have a chance to see you play (maybe multiple times), they coach may not know how interested he is for quite a while.  If you cannot deal with not knowing, then you ask the coach for some feedback but be prepared for any response you may get.  You have to read the situation and know if you are rushing the coach or if he has had many opportunities to evaluate you and should know if they want you on their team.

In the end, do not get frustrated and give up on a school.  Keep working and stay in touch with the coach because college baseball recruiting is always changing with every graduating class, MLB draft class, injuries, transfers and coaching changes.  Good luck and keep grinding.