How to Find Baseball Connections

Being connected is a valuable asset.  Since the baseball world is such a small space, it is imperative to find those people in your circle who are connected to the schools on your Target List.  You probably do not realize how many people you know already or can find that can help you in your recruiting process.

If you do not know where to start, begin by making a list of all the high school coaches, travel coaches, private instructors, pro scouts and former professionals in your area.  It is best to keep this list from 9th grade on so it can grow and you can remember who is who as time passes by.  Do some research and look up the back ground information on the people who make your list.  Where did they go to college?  Did they play pro ball? See if they have social media handles or pages you can follow.  Pay attention to who they are connected to through social media.  Ask other parents or friends who is a good resource and likes to help aspiring players.  The more questions you can ask and the more people you can connect with, the better the chance someone will help you. The recruiting process is Job Seeking 101.

If you ask other teammates or parents who they are working with for lessons or college guidance, you will quickly get referrals of who to talk to about your son.  Now, do not expect everyone to bend over backwards to help you at first.  There are two simple things your son (and you) have to do to get help.  First, be good at baseball! Second, be a nice person and be humble but excited! Your network will help you more if you are GOOD and if you are likable.  No one likes to help a player who they do not like in general and no one wants to put their referral out there to a coach if the player is not good.

Last, always have some short video clips on your phone and ready that you can send to someone in your network for help with exposure.  It may be that your friend has a friend of a friend who played with Johnny at XYZ University and will send the coach your video if he has heard good things about you.  You must make it easy for your connections to help you.  Be prepared and keep grinding.