If I made a Verbal Agreement with a College, can either of us change our mind?

A verbal offer and agreement is very common in baseball recruiting and a tool used by most schools in order to “lock in” their rosters for years to come.  However, it is still just a verbal offer until the November signing period comes around during your senior year.  At that time, you will sign your National Letter of Intent (NLI) with the school and it becomes a binding agreement with the school for at least a one year period.  Up until that point, the player or the school can de-commit and change their mind.  The school rarely does this due to the fact that it would ruin their reputation with future players that they can trust the school’s verbal offer.  It would normally happen if a player is not performing well enough academically to get into the school, a major injury occurs, a coaching change takes place, disciplinary actions are taken or the player has underperformed.
The player will sometimes de-commit due to getting a better offer at a bigger school, a coaching change, underperforming in the classroom or the cost is too great to attend.  Many of the break ups between “verbals” go unnoticed and happen very quietly behind the scenes.  Neither party wants the world to know that things changed because it signals something went wrong and questions arise as to what happened.
The best advice is to make sure you are 100% certain that you want to attend the college for the right reasons before committing to them.  Be sure to visit and research everything, be realistic in the academics needed to attend, decide if you can live there and be happy for 4 years and make sure you like the coaches and their coaching styles.  In the end, the college or the player can decide to part ways and the reasons can be any.  If this happens to you, do not give up!  Go right back to your recruiting plan and set a new list of Target Schools and get to work.