Targeting the correct University is Key to Success

We all hear the stories of the athletes who go to a tournament or a camp and then get a phone call and scholarship offer the next day.  They accept the offer.  Life is great and it was so easy!  Inside Recruit wishes this would be everyone’s experience but the fact is, this happens to only 2-3% of all baseball players.  For most players, the recruiting process is a long grind and wears on you mentally.  Some players can handle it and some cannot.  Understanding where you fit in the college baseball world is key to executing your plan and doing it the hard way or the easy way.

The majority of players want to go D1 or to the highest level they can possibly play.  Someone who fits well at the D3 level can chase a D2 opportunity just the same as a D2 player chasing D1.  Inside Recruit understands this completely!  You must believe in yourself and reach for your Target Schools.  It is important though for players to be realistic on their talent level and their academic level.  You should get evaluated by a reputable scout or company.  Find someone you can trust who will not just tell you what you want to hear and try to up-sell you more things that you do not need.  Once you understand how you rate out and what you need to improve on to get to your Target Schools, then you can make a Plan of Action.

If you pick target schools that are the right fit, the offers will come much easier to you.  If you want to go after your dream schools, then by all means do, but you have to be ready for some rejections.  It only takes one school to say “yes” and you are on your way.  By knowing what to expect and how to prepare, you can maximize your chances and deal with the rejection easier.  No matter what, you can bet it will be a long grind.  Once you find the right fit at the right school though….it is all so worth the time and work you put into it!

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