Parents Involvement in the Recruiting Process

Many parents are unsure exactly how much they should do for their son during the recruiting process.  Should you contact coaches? Do you set up visits? Do you do nothing and see what happens? There is a fine line with college coaches of how much they want the parent to be involved in the process.  One thing is for sure, the college coach is interested in the player but still wants to know about his family background also.  Here are a few keys parents to be involved but not too involved.

1.  The player needs to contact the coaches. The parent can help set up an evaluation to know get an honest assessment about his abilities, GPA, and test scores to help identify colleges he should target.  

2.  The player should be filling out the online profiles. The coach may not be able to tell the difference but it will make your son more comfortable with the process and familiar with the information coaches are asking for.

3.  The player needs to email the coach with his player profile and a link to video. Your son needs to follow up the email with a call to the coach. If he’s like most teenagers and doesn’t want to do it, have him start with coaches of schools that are not at the top of his list for practice.

4.  The parent needs to encourage the player during the process.  Sit down with him and show him how to organize a marketing effort.  You can help him get started with practice conversations, emails, questions to ask, scheduling, etc.  

5.  The parent can gather information from other parents who have been through or are going through the recruiting process.  Ask about camps for exposure, travel teams, instructors, strength programs, potential people in the know or that have a baseball network and taking visits to learn about potential schools.
6.  The parent can help with academics.  Speak to the player’s guidance counselor, sign him up for SAT/ACT prep courses, enforce the importance of academics as a fall back after baseball and offer support!