Understanding the Beginning Communications of Recruiting

Getting your name out to college coaches and putting in effort to communicate with them is crucial to your success.  However, it can also be misleading to an athlete or to the coach recruiting a particular athlete.  Just because a coach receives and email from you and responds with school information, questionnaire or a camp invitation does not mean they are recruiting you yet.  Do not get too excited about standard communication practices or you will be setting yourself up for a let down.  Once a coach has a chance to do some background on you and evaluate you in competition, you will begin to see the difference in “standard” communication and “we want you here” communication.  College coaches also know how the game is played.  Believe it or not, colleges do not get every athlete that they recruit.  It all goes back to “choice”.  A coach chooses to recruit a player the same way a player chooses to attend a college.  Pay close attention to details in all of your communication.  This will help you understand the level of interest that is being shown to you by a coach.  And no, just because you get the camp invitation every time does not mean they are more interested or less.

If you really like the school that is emailing you and are unsure of what to make of their communication to you, then pick up the phone and call their office.  Go to the school’s athletic website and find a number to call.  Remember that depending on your graduation year and the school, they may not be able to return your phone call so you may have to try multiple times.  Once you get the coach on the phone, ask him where you stand with them and what the best next steps are for furthering the recruiting process with their school.