Rest Now but plan your Off-Season Throwing Program

Most high school players are very aware of how important arm strength has become in recruiting.  If you are a pitcher, your velocity is the first tool college coaches look at these days.  Position players are now obsessed with topping out their positional velocity numbers also to catch the eye of recruiters.  After a long season this year of pushing your arm to its limits, YOU NEED TO REST NOW!  You should still play some light catch a few times a week but give your arm some needed rest to heal.  Continuous use does not allow the inflammation in your shoulder or elbow time to go away before next season.

Find out when your high school tryouts begin and when the first week of games will start.  Most players will want to be in throwing shape at the start of the tryout period.  If you back up 6 weeks from when you want to be ready, you will have a start date for your throwing program.  If you are a pitcher you may want to start 8 weeks before and take in to consideration the weather in your area.  If you are a position player only, you can leave 4-6 weeks for your throwing program and be ready to go.  If you want to learn more on the proper throwing program, find a professional in your area who can give you the correct advice based off of what “you” need.

Why is this so important to your recruiting process?

Many players and parents believe that getting in front of college coaches as much as possible is the way to go.  They hear it from every general sports recruiting website out there.  However, it is no good if the player is not in top baseball shape.  Inside Recruit believes in Right Time Performance (RTP) more than anything.  How you prepare your arm now, will determine how strong you are when the crucial summer and fall months of recruiting come around in 6-9 months.  Therefore it is important to not start too early and go too fast or start too late and never get in your full throwing program.  Continuing your throwing program is just as important for the remainder of the season.  You want to be at your BEST when you are being scouted by college coaches.  Think back to how your arm felt this past year of 2018 and make changes to maximize your performance.