Strength Season: Time to get to Work on your Body!

The off-season is here and it should be renamed “strength season”.  The winter months are a baseball player’s chance to really advance his game in the weight room. Gone are the days of a player just maturing with age and then hitting the weights once they enter a college program.  Most athletes are doing speed, agility and body weight lifting in the 7th and 8th grade.  Too early some will say but it depends on what your workout consist of.  The reality is that players across the country are training more than ever and very specifically to their sport.  All the time and effort you have spent working on your skills is now magnified with more power and explosiveness from spending time on your physical strength.

However, before you go overboard with lifting weights, you should talk to a certified strength trainer.  Each player’s physical maturity level will determine how intense to workout and what exercises fit them the best.  Too often players “hit the weight room” with no real plan and risk injuries and major setbacks.  You want to make sure that you are working out with program that has a purpose, a plan and with an end goal in sight that betters you as a baseball player.  Be sure to tell the trainer what metrics you need to perform well within.  60 yard dash, lateral speed on the infield, arm speed, bat speed, etc are all commonly tested for baseball players by colleges and scouting services.  Seek out professional help in your area and go meet with them to find out how you can get stronger now.