Setting Personal Goals

Setting personal goals is a great way to motivate yourself to reach your fullest potential.  People will always say “my goal is…” but they usually do not write it down.  You should sit down and take 30 minutes to write out your short term and long term goals for this year.  Break your goals down into different categories such as academics, athletics, recruiting and personal.  Make sure you look back at this list of goals every few weeks to remind yourself of what you wanted to accomplish this year.  An even bigger tip to successfully reaching your goals is to write your short term goals down and put them somewhere you will see them every day.  This way you have a constant reminder of what your upcoming accomplishment will be.  Once reached, do the same with the next short term goal.  By the end of the year if you have reached all of your short term goals, then your long term or bigger goal should be attainable.

These are the type of things that successful people do every day.  Learning how to hold yourself accountable and step it up to get a job done is more valuable than most teenagers know.  If you want certain things to happen for you, YOU have to make the first move in becoming committed and getting to work.  In terms of playing baseball and getting to college….you have one shot.  You only go through high school once.  You only get recruited for college baseball once.  If you want to fulfill your dreams and goals then do something about it today!