Seniors can still Get Recruited!

In today’s world of baseball recruiting and all of the verbal commitments and early signings, any senior who is still looking will begin to feel some anxiety.  It is only natural because you are hearing that your friends and teammates are talking to this school and that school and visiting, etc.  In reality, this does not mean they are being recruited.  It means they are communicating and seeing if there is a potential opportunity for them.  There will be some D1 opportunities in the spring but not many.  D2, D3, NAIA and JUCO teams will still be recruiting and trying to add the best players they can find.  Many JUCO schools do not finish until July/August before the new academic year starts.  If you have been sitting back and waiting for these colleges to come find you, then now is the time to become proactive.

What to do right now if you have no leads:
1.  Go back to your Target List on your Inside Recruit Profile and see if you are being realistic about where you can play.
2.  Make a new skills video if needed to show your present size and level of play.
3.  Email or call the coaches of your Target List and see if they have interest in you.
4.  Ask your coaches, advisors and baseball network if they know a school that may be a good fit or is still looking for players.
5.  Be sure you apply to schools you would like to attend for academics only in case your baseball options do not work out.
6.  Set up visits and meet the coaches as  soon as possible to get some face time with them before the season begins.
7.  Get your schedule to the coaches and stay in touch with them.  Do not be afraid to ask straight forward questions at this point.