Using Video as your Business Card in Baseball Recruiting

Having a skills/highlight video made for college coaches to see is a must in athletic recruiting. Many schools do not have the recruiting budgets to go and see all of the potential prospects that they find or hear about. Your skills video gives them an idea of your talents and a chance to see you in action. How important is it to have a good video? Extremely important! Your skills video may get your name added to a recruiting list that ultimately brings a coach to see you play. It could work against you though if it is poorly done or out dated.

The first mistake that athletes make is shooting a skills video before their time is right. If you a freshman and have not played on your varsity team yet, it is probably too early to shoot video. You could show a short clip of yourself in action but do not spend the time and money yet on a full skills video. Next issue is updating your old skills video. If an athlete has a skills video that is 6-12 months old, they should consider making a new one. Especially if the athlete has gotten taller, stronger and progressed their skill set. Leaving an old skills video on the internet will only hurt you if that is all a college coach has to go by in their initial evaluation of you. Taking some short video on your cell phone and uploading to social media or even emailing to a coach is also a great reason to make contact with the coach.  It does not have to be a huge production video each time you need to update.  The average athlete will make 2-4 skills videos during the recruiting process depending on when they begin.  You can upload an unlimited amount of video to youtube or social media but be careful of being perceived as obnoxious with too many post.

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