Important: New Rules are Speeding up the Recruiting Timeline

The new National Letter of Intent (NLI) signing period rules are going to speed up the timeline for seniors looking to find a D1 school. Typically there is an early signing period in November for several days and then it would end.  An April date would then start the spring signing period until August.  Starting this year baseball players can begin signing NLI scholarships on November 14, 2018 and continue to sign anytime through August 1, 2019.

For years now, the D1 recruiting timeline has taken place mostly before a player’s senior year.  However, the break from the signing period from November until April typically gave the D2/D3/JC schools a little more time to recruit because players could not sign after that early period.  Now, due to the fact that signing will start in November and continue all winter, it is expected that those smaller institutions will speed up their recruiting timelines to get the best players possible before the November date begins.  Many D2 schools in the warmer states of the country have been committing players since the spring/early summer.  You should anticipate the smaller schools to be very active through the winter and early spring of your senior year!

Signing Dates – NLI D1/D2

Sport(s) Initial Signing Date                                                Final Signing Date

November 14, 2018                                                                August 1, 2019