2018 Unsigned Seniors

The new academic school year is right around the corner.  Most college students begin reporting to school between August 15-30.  If you have not yet committed to a college to play, it is time to make the last big push. Plenty of athletes find a home just a month, a week or even days before the school year begins. The hardest part for you is to stay mentally tough and see the recruiting process through.  Are your chances getting slimmer by the day? Yes.  Is it going to be easy? No.  Do a re-check of your top D1 schools to see if they have any new openings due to the baseball draft, staff changes or transfers.  You can email coaches but at this point, a phone call would be the smarter way to proceed.  Be sure to consider your two year options also. Junior colleges and community colleges are a great option if you do not have the right fit lined up yet.  Many of these schools will save you money and give you a chance to play high level baseball and move on to the right fit in two years.  The first and most important part of this process is looking at the right schools.  If you have not gotten a realistic, tough love evaluation from a reputable source then you are probably setting your sights too high which is causing you to waste time, money and energy.  Call Inside Recruit to speak to a trusted source who wants to help you!

The fact is if you want to continue playing, you must continue the recruiting process.  If you stop, you cannot expect but so much from this point on.

1. Go back to your network and ask for insight and help connecting to a college program.

2. Look for camps that are open to you with college coaches coming to watch.

3. Work the phone! Call the baseball offices at colleges and speak to anyone that will talk to you.
4. Call you college baseball friends that are currently playing and ask them what they know about their team’s roster needs.
5. Travel to the school and meet a coach in person.