Are you an Early or Late Bloomer

One part of an athlete’s process that he cannot control is when he will physically mature.  Some guys are early bloomers and some guys are late bloomers.  Whichever one you are, there is a way to go about using it to your advantage in the recruiting process.

Early Bloomer – You are fortunate to have more strength and size than your peers.  You should continue to work hard to distance yourself as a front runner while you have this advantage.  You are also the player that will stand out at camps and showcases to the larger DI schools who recruit the earliest.  You should get evaluated as a freshman and see where your skill set ranks you.  If you rank high you should consider camps and opportunities to get in front of the large schools.  Your process is done the same way as any athlete but it is starting sooner.  Many times the early bloomer can get an offer quickly if he is already in a school’s range for the tools they are looking for.

Late Bloomer – You are fortunate also in that you have to work hard on your skills and strength to chase down the early bloomer players.  This in turn makes you a better player in the end even though it can be mentally tough going through the process.  The challenge that most players deal with is seeing there favorite, big D1 schools commit their friends and teammates and feeling like they do not have a shot.  While spots are limited, the key to success is not giving up and being ready when your time comes.  You have to market yourself to coaches as a late bloomer and a player who still has a lot to gain.  Projectability is the key word that every player wants to have on his evaluation.   This tells a coach that someone thinks there is more to come for that player as he begins his growth spurt or matures into his body.

The reality of this situation is that you have no control over it.  You can work, practice, lift, train, etc and while it will enhance all your skills…it will not make you grow immediately!  You have a choice to make.  You can feel sorry for yourself and say it is not fair or continue to work and believe your time will come.  If you have great size early on then you can choose to content with what you have got or improve and take full advantage of the luxury you have been given.