NCAA Division I Recruiting Rule Changes

NCAA Division I Council recently made some major changes to the recruiting landscape for Division I universities.  Here are the changes and how it effects the process for you.

  1. Division I coaches or athletic departments will no longer be allowed to have contact with a player while on an unofficial until September 1 of the player’s junior year.

Why is this significant?  First off, it is effective immediately.  Second, up until now player’s could visit the campus and go by and introduce themselves to the coaches.  The coach could show the player around the facilities and give the player (3) complimentary admission tickets to an athletic event.  This can no longer take place.  You can tour the athletic facilities if conducted by the admissions office but have no contact with the coaching staff.

2.  Division I coaches will not be allowed to have recruiting conversations with players who are attending their baseball camp until September 1 of the player’s junior year.

Why is this significant?  In the past, attending a camp was the best way for a player to not only get exposure and be seen by the coaching staff but the coaches were allowed to talk to the recruits while they were on campus.  Once they left campus, they could no longer talk to them.  Now, attending the camps will be for getting seen by the coaches but the coaches will not be able to discuss the player’s “recruitment”.

3.  Division I schools will be allowed to offer official visits to recruits beginning September 1 of their junior year.

Why is this significant?  This will give the player a chance to get a better feel of the campus, coaches, players and environment earlier than in the past.  Before it was September 1 of senior year and many players were making verbal commitments before having taken an official visit.  This rule change takes place fall 2018.

A player can still take a total of (5) official visits to Division I schools and you may not visit the same school twice.