Taking an Unofficial Visit before your Senior Year

One of the more popular questions in baseball recruiting is “Can I take a visit to a college at anytime?”.  The answer is YES.  However, there are a lot of factors that determine what type of visit you can take and if the coaches can interact with you or your parents.  You may take an unlimited number of unofficial visits during high school starting as a freshman.  An unofficial visit is commonly used as a meet and greet with the coaches, watching the team play or practice or watching another athletic event.  The institution cannot pay for anything for you or your parents other than give you (3) complimentary tickets to an athletic event.

If the coaches invite you to visit the school, that is definitely a good sign that they have some interest in you.  Keep in mind though that you can visit the school at anytime on your own.  You can schedule a campus tour, watch a game or practice or just walk through campus and get a feel for the area.  In doing this, it is advised that you stop by the baseball field and try to introduce yourself to the coaches.  Introducing yourself in person is always better than an email, text or phone call.  This encounter could lead to the coaches doing some more research about you as a player and student to see if they want to come see you play.  You also get a good idea of what you think about the program, coaches and area.

Can you ask for an unofficial visit?  If you have not had any contact with the coaches beforehand, it is best to send them an email with your video and schedule the campus tour.  When you know the date and time of your campus tour, then email back and ask if someone would be willing to meet you while you are there.  Majority of coaches are very accommodating if they have the time.  Trying to line up visits and introductions in the spring is tougher due to all the games and practices so think about the coach’s schedule as you line up your campus tours.  In closing, do not be afraid to go and visit a school.  You may connect with someone and the process starts rolling or you may find you like or do not like the school as much as you thought.  It is all great information to gain as you try to pick your college of choice.

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